The Different Kinds of Roofing Nails We Offer At Gravity Building Supplies & Hardware, Zimbabwe

Roofing nails are a necessary part required to complete many different types of roofing projects in Zimbabwe. These specialized types of nails are available in a variety of sizes and materials and are much more durable than traditional nails.

It is important to use the correct roofing nails to ensure the shingles remain intact for a long time. Without the correct nails, overtime, you will have a roof full of popped nails and potentially loose shingles.
The Different Kinds of Roofing Nails We Offer At Gravity Building Supplies & Hardware, Zimbabwe
The Different Kinds of Roofing Nails We Offer At Gravity Building Supplies & Hardware, Zimbabwe
If you need the perfect nails for your next roofing project in Harare, Zimbabwe Gravity Building Supplies & Hardware has you covered! We offer high-quality products and services at competitive prices. Contact Gravity Building Supplies & Hardware to learn more about the different types of nails and other roofing supplies we have to offer.

The Different Kinds of Roofing Nails We Offer:

We offer a ton of different nails and nail tools to help you make the most of your next roofing project. Using the correct nails for your roof is essential. With the wide range of products we offer and our professional team leading you in the right direction, you will be able to find the right materials for your roof.

Our selection of products includes:
  • 1 ¼” Coil Roofing Nails
  • 2 ⅜” Decking Nails
  • Plastic Cap Roofing Nails
  • Metal Cap Roofing Nails
  • Stinger 1” NailPacs
  • Stinger Cap Nailer Gun
  • Self Drilling Screws

How to Determine What Type of Nails You Need:

Just like traditional nails, the type of roofing nails you will need varies.

It depends on:
  • What kind of material your roofing system is made of.
  • What kind of shingles you have.
  • What kind of climate and area your home is located in.

Make sure to do your research before making a purchase. If you need help figuring out the right type of nails to use, contact Gravity Building Supplies & Hardware for assistance.

Contact Gravity Building Supplies & Hardware:

Gravity Building Supplies & Hardware offers the best selection of roofing nails in Zimbabwe. We only carry top-notch products at a reasonable price. For help with finding the right nails for your roofing project, or to just learn more about roofing nails in general, contact Gravity Building Supplies & Hardware.

You can call us at +263 77 822 9503, +263 71 922 9503, +263 71 574 3860, visit our website, or stop by your local store to speak to one of our knowledgeable associates! You can also email us at if you would like.

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