How To Beat High Cost Of Building A Home In Zimbabwe

If you are planning on building or financing housing states, family homes in Zimbabwe, you know that the costs involved can be a little overwhelming if you work with the wrong Building Materials Suppliers.

Believe it or not, brand new affordable homes are possible in Zimbabwe if you deal with the right Building Materials Suppliers and the Right House Construction Companies. Gravity Construction can provide you with low budget house construction services including cooperates, Zimbabwean residents returning to the country and also to those who are looking to downsize their current homes.
How To Beat High Cost Of Building A Home In Zimbabwe
How To Beat High Cost Of Building A Home In Zimbabwe
If you would like to have a custom built estate or family houses without incurring a multitude of over-whelming costs, take the time to consider our affordable housing options. What are the benefits?
  • Contemporary living of a modern home that is constructed at a fraction of the cost of a regular house construction.
  • There is a choice between two-bedroom, three-bedroom, retirement home and bachelor pad units that can be stand alone or part of a housing complex/estate.
  • Quality finishes and a variety of up-market add-ons are available at an affordable rate. This makes it possible to customise your project affordably.
  • The units are designed and built from materials that will require minimal maintenance which will save available finances.
  • Savings on labour costs as the units are built in a very short space of time.

If you are looking to build houses in Zimbabwe that are affordable, dealing with a low cost construction company such as Gravity Construction is the solution!

Affordable housing – build homes cost-effectively with the help of Gravity Construction.

At Gravity Construction we offer quality low cost housing construction services.

Our Affordable Homes Are Ideal For:
  • Starter homes as stand alone or part of a housing estate or complex.
  • Second dwellings on an existing property.
  • Retirement homes and estates.
For more information on how our affordable house units can help you to beat the cost of building in the current economic climate, contact us at Gravity Construction today.

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